DUI: What You Need to Know

We deal with unique DUI cases every month here at The Gage Law Firm. Our experience makes us a great resource if you are arrested for DUI, as we are able to guide you through the DUI process inside and outside the courts. Some of the questions that tend to come up early in the process include:

  1. Do I really need a lawyer?
    2. Will my driver’s license be suspended?
    3. Will my license be limited? Will I need to get some kind of special license?
    4. What about DUI school?
    5. Will I need to get an IID? What is an IID?

We cannot answer these for everyone here in this article because many of the answers change on a case by case basis! A short consultation with one of our lawyers will help you understand the procedures and implications involved with a DUI arrest. Our attorneys are well-versed on all the ins and outs of DUI law, which means they’re able to handle every case both carefully and efficiently.

Here in Georgia, there are a number of potential consequences following a DUI conviction. Generally, DUI charges depend on both the level of impairment indicated by the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the arrest and the number of previous alcohol-related charges on his or her record. The ignition interlock (IID), for example, is one of the things a judge can decide to require (or may be required by law to impose on you) if you’ve committed a previous DUI. Because Georgia law allows for chagrining a DUI even with a low blood alcohol level, even a very small BAC can result in serious legal consequences and the need for an experienced attorney.

Driver’s License Suspension, Fines and Other Penalties

Preserving you driving privileges is our top priority in the DUI cases we manage. Up to 5 years of license suspension is a possible consequence of the law in Atlanta and the Greater Atlanta Area and the rest of Georgia for a DUI defendant. We always aim to minimize our clients’ chances of license suspension after driving under the influence. Aside from a suspended or restricted license, some defendants may find themselves up against exorbitant fines and potential jail time. At The Gage Firm, we fight to reduce fines, eliminate potential jail time and protect your driving license.

Challenging a Sobriety Test

When a cop pulls you over and questions your sobriety, it’s absolutely crucial that you remember your rights. The first thing to remember: answer the cop’s questions simply and do NOT say more than what’s asked of you. When it comes time to step out of the car or take that breathalyzer test, remember that you do NOT have to take field sobriety tests. It is often in your best interest to refuse these tests, which are virtually set up for failures and inaccuracies. If you do end up undergoing one of these tests, The Gage Law Firm has years of experience challenging their results. A high BAC reading does NOT necessarily indicate your guilt. If you recently received a DUI and need to figure out how to proceed before your trial, our attorneys can help. Call now.

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