Finding an Experienced Estate Planning Professional

When you pass away without an existing will, you die “intestate” which means that the laws of Georgia dictate the distribution of your estate… and you have no say in the matter. In most cases, dying intestate means that your property will go to immediate family or other relatives. However, your loved ones cannot choose where your assets are distributed, and in some limited cases, these assets can be taken by the State. Planning your estate may seem like a morbid activity, but it’s the only way to avoid intestacy and ensure that any requests you have, in regards to your property and your family, are met. Enlisting an experienced attorney to help you draft your will, guardian nominations, healthcare directives or powers of attorney will guarantee the protection of your wants and needs.

With the emergence of online will-drafting site, you may be wondering what an attorney can provide that you can’t get from the Internet. The problem with the one-size-fits all estate planning approach is that individual needs and state laws vary tremendously. A national website may not take into account estate laws specific to Georgia. At The Gage Law Firm, we stay informed of specific local laws and we are happy to re-write wills to account for any policy changes that might occur. By having a knowledgeable state attorney draft your estate plan, you can achieve more than what you might accomplish with a generic estate planning survey form, whether that means setting up a trust, planning for incapacitation or bestowing the power of attorney to a loved one. It may cost more to have an attorney guide you but having an airtight, comprehensive estate plan is well worth the price.

If you are in a same-sex relationship, it is of the utmost importance that you plan for your passing with a supportive, trustworthy estate planning professional. While the federal recognition of same-sex couples is an exciting development, here in the state of Georgia, our laws of intestacy continue to freely discriminate against LGBT families meaning your assets certainly will not pass to your spouse or partner unless you create an official will. The good news is that Georgia always respects the intent of a will’s testator regardless of his or her sexual orientation. The other good news is that finding the right lawyer for the job is actually pretty easy. At the Gage Law Firm, we take enormous pride in helping gay and lesbian families prepare for unexpected events.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel totally prepared for the future? To know that the unique needs of your family are being met? We offer several estate plan packages at the Gage Law Firm so you can choose what’s right for you. We can advise you confidently on every aspect of any plan we make. You should work with an attorney who makes you feel comfortable and secure, who gives you peace of mind without forcing you to pick up expensive add-ons. That’s our objective.

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