Hiring a Gage Firm Attorney for a DUI

It seems like every year the State of Georgia passes some new legislation related to drinking and driving. This makes knowing what protocol you should follow if you’re ever arrested for DUI exceedingly difficult. At The Gage Law Firm, we understand the dramatic impact a DUI can have on you and your family, making it difficult to finish basic errands or get yourself to work or school. Even for first-time offenders, DUI penalties can include a suspended license, a limited driving permit, hefty license reinstatement fees, required defensive driving courses and more. We can help you navigate the complex series of events that occurs after a DUI arrest. In the end, we’re often able to lessen or outright eliminate the negative consequences of DUI and get you back to living your life.

Protecting Driving Privileges

DUIs require swift and sure-footed action to fully protect the rights of the accused. In many cases, legal steps must be taken within the first 10 days or driving privileges may be lost for some time. At The Gage Law Firm, it takes only a brief consultation for us to take immediate action on your behalf to make sure that your ability to drive is kept safe. While it is true that an appeal of an administrative license suspension must be filed within the 10-day period, by no means is it a complete loss if you haven’t. We know of many ways to reinstate driving privileges during litigation and if an appeal of your administrative suspension is necessary, we can handle filing it and facing the hearing. Because the circumstances affecting your particular license and license restrictions can vary greatly, it is important to speak with an attorney long before any reinstatement deadlines pass.

Disputing Shoddy Evidence

Officers will almost always try to have you perform field sobriety tests after stopping you and more BAC tests after your arrest. You may refuse to take part in any of these tests, and it is often in your best interest to do so. If you do consent to sobriety testing, however, all is not lost. The Gage Law Firm has years of experience challenging questionable DUI tests and you can rest assured that we will battle any an all tenuous evidence of intoxication. Alcohol content tests are based on challengeable science and the officers conducting the tests are often unfamiliar with the proper testing methodology. Even Breathalyzer readings can be questioned. For example, the person operating the machine must have been thoroughly trained to do so, the machine must be properly calibrated and the results must not exhibit any unacceptable deviations. Whether you’re dealing with a portable breath test reading or a Breathalyzer analysis, we can file of proper motions to suppress evidence or to keep it from being used against you in a trial setting.

A DUI should not be handled like a speeding ticket. You should always hire a qualified attorney to handle DUI cases. The Gage Law Firm has years of experience litigating and trying DUI cases. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of driving laws and the constitutional protections you are afforded, as well as the timetable that must be followed to garner a favorable outcome. After a DUI charge has been made, call us as soon as possible. We will work immediately to protect your driving privileges, disprove unrightfully obtained evidence, prepare trial defenses and clear up any confusion you might have.

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