Legal Dilemmas Involving Mental Illness

At The Gage Law Firm, we have handled hundreds of legal cases involving the mentally ill and their families. The mental health legal system in Georgia is an outdated one. With that comes excessive complexity and many opportunities for legal misunderstandings to arise. We relate to our clients in ways that other legal professionals don’t because we’ve taken the time to unravel these complexities and educate ourselves on most mental illnesses and their treatments. If you or one of your loved ones is faced with any sort of legal matter involving mental illness, we urge you to contact us at The Gage Law Firm ASAP. We can give you personalized assistance that you won’t find in other Atlanta law firms.

Managing Criminal Cases

Legal accusations against an individual with a mental illness require unique understandings of the struggles of the mentally ill and their place in the criminal justice system. Symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depressive disorders and other illnesses can often be wrongly identified as criminal acts by law enforcement professionals. The Gage Law Firm has years of experience aggressively defending people facing these sort of accusations. Because we remain well-connected with mental health resources in the Atlanta community, we’re often able to get you the answers you seek faster than the average legal firm. We may even be able to obtain the release of an incarcerated loved one faster than attorneys with no mental health experience. This may involve securing treatment of the clients’ mental illness, carefully collecting and presenting medical records to the courts or contacting specific medical experts in our community. In many cases, taking these steps can result in bypassing prosecution altogether which is how it should be. Those who suffer from mental illness are far from criminals and deserve to be treated with compassion and individual attention.

Navigating an Involuntary Commitment Ruling

Involuntary commitment, sometimes called civil commitment, is a legal process through which an individual with symptoms of psychological issues is court-ordered into treatment. Criteria for involuntary commitment are established by laws (and interpretations of those laws) that vary from state to state. Commitment proceedings are often scheduled after a short period of hospitalization which may be used to determine whether further commitment is appropriate or necessary. If court proceedings follow, then the evaluation is presented in a formal hearing. Involuntary hospitalization and the events leading up to it can be traumatizing for the defendant and his or her family especially with the legal maneuvering it may require. The Gage Law Firm can deftly gather case information and more in preparation of commitment hearings. If you need help getting a loved one discharged from a hospital, transferred to a separate facility or offered a change in patient status, we can show you how you should proceed. In addition, we always keep long-term success in mind. We can help facilitate our clients’ transitions back into life outside of a hospital.


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