The Gage Law Firm Approach to Defending the Mentally Ill in Criminal Cases

Legal matters involving mental illness require an attorney with both professional and personal experience helping the mentally ill. At The Gage Law Firm, we’ve been helping these patients and their families make sense of our state’s outmoded legal treatment of mental health for years. If you or your loved one is facing an urgent legal matter involving criminal mental illness, The Gage Law Firm can give you unique assistance you won’t find in most other legal firms. Our attorneys can provide you or your loved one with an aggressive legal defense as well as the caring and understanding that comes from our familiarity with mental illnesses, the various prescriptions used to treat them and the resources available in the Atlanta community.

Due to multiple factors ranging from lack of community education to social taboo, many police officers and prosecutors fail to recognize the struggles of the mentally ill individuals when making arrests or working toward a sentence. Symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, manic depression, major depressive disorder and other illnesses can often be mistaken as criminal acts by law enforcement. A lawyer with a thorough understanding of criminal mental health can be a fantastic resource when battling these misguided criminal accusations. In the event of incarceration, our team will work hard to secure the release of you or your loved one. This often involves securing psychiatric treatment of our clients which requires the vast knowledge of doctors and mental health care providers we possess. As a matter of fact, many convicted persons in criminal cases involving mental illness, including felony cases, can avoid criminal prosecution altogether if they’re making a clear effort to improve their mental state. Such treatment plans can offer significant mitigation for negotiating favorable outcomes with prosecutors.

When defenses involving mental illness are needed in a case, the attorney must stay proactive in preserving evidence and obtaining the medical proof necessary to make a strong case. The Gage Law Firm enforces ongoing education practices to make sure that all of our attorneys are able to address the complex interconnections of crime and mental health. We stay up-to-date with psychiatric research, changes in local laws and changes in common mental health management tactics. Our firm has strong connections with Georgia’s state psychiatric hospitals so we can answer whatever questions you might have quickly and accurately. We feel so strongly about clients’ success that we’ll even help facilitate the eventual transition of a patient back into the community to ensure his or her long-term health and safety. If you’ve recently become involved in a legal dilemma involving mental illness, contact The Gage Law Firm to see how our more personal approach to mental health sets us apart from other legal firms in Atlanta.

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