The Right Choice for DeKalb Defendants

Need a lawyer in DeKalb County, Georgia for your DUI case or criminal case? Looking for an experienced estate planning attorney in the Atlanta area? Before choosing your attorney, you should consider that person’s credentials, his or her particular specialty, the cost and how it compares to your budget and the office location. You may also want to take some more intangible qualities into account such as your comfort level with the lawyer and the lawyer’s apparent interest in your specific issue.


We have over a decade of experience as trial attorneys in the DeKalb County State, Superior and Magistrate Courts and have built strong professional relationships with the DeKalb Bar, judges and prosecutors. A long-time resident of DeKalb, Derek has the knowledge and finesse necessary for navigating the Atlanta courts and with an office conveniently located in downtown Decatur, taking advantage of our resources when you need them is easy. Our mission at The Gage Law Firm is to provide the most educated and sound advice to clients by communicating closely with them and always taking their personal needs and worries into account. We’ll work tirelessly to get you results and deliver up-to-date advice.


Criminal Defense

We have adeptly defended clients against a variety of criminal charges from minor drug cases to major felonies. Defending the accused has been a passion of ours from the start. In many ways, it’s the backbone of our law firm. We take particular pride in defending the criminally accused who suffer from mental illness, as these individuals face a legal system that is often astoundingly ignorant of mental disorders. We’ve become adept at navigating the criminal and mental healthcare systems in tandem. It makes sense to go with a law firm that has mastered an approach to situations involving mental health.


Our experience gives our clients invaluable insight as to what they can expect from the DeKalb County criminal justice system, allowing more informed decisions. We are very familiar with DeKalb Court procedures, expectations and sentencing alternatives.


DUI Defense

Picking a local attorney for your DUI defense can be the difference between a straightforward resolution and a long, confusing DUI process. DUIs require swift action to fully protect your rights and driving privileges. The more your lawyer has worked with the court your case has been assigned to, the more they can potentially expedite your proceedings. Because we’re a long-time DeKalb County law firm, we often can navigate a swifter path for your DUI case. If you decide to retain our services, we’ll take action on your behalf in your DUI case to help maintain your ability to drive, if possible.


Some Additional Gage Services

In addition to criminal law and DUI defense in DeKalb, we also offer estate planning services in our community. We have worked with LGBT couples and families for years and understand the nuances associated with these cases. We work to make the drafting of wills, healthcare directives, living wills, and powers of attorney as painless and affordable as possible, while also providing sound and available legal advice throughout the process.


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